aTAdel Fund s.r.o.



ATAdel Fund provides the purchase and storage of physical gold for its clients.

  • the exchange purchase price.
  • store up to 10 kg free of charge in closed bank vaults in Switzerland
  • resell your gold.
  • participate with your gold, without selling it, in our investment strategies with an annual yield of up to 14%.

Gold bars: investment gold Fine Gold Bar 999.9 –

Tax status: VAT is not subject to

Carat: 24-karat pure gold.

Delivery to 25 European countries is also possible.

Manufacturer: METALOR, Switzerland

Having been producing ingots for more than 100 years, METALOR has developed a wide range of cast and minted ingots for institutional and private investors.


The production of Metalor ingots officially dates back to 1918, when the Swiss Bank Corporation acquired the Bank of Le Locle in Switzerland. Since then, investment products have been manufactured in accordance with the recognized Swiss standard.

Today, gold bars of 400 ounces, 1 kg bars, and other ingots, Ag, Pt and Pd are produced at enterprises accredited by the LBMA and / or LPPM in Switzerland, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore. A distinctive feature of Metalor assay equipment is the guarantee of the quality of our products, which are distributed and recognized in all major financial markets of the world.


We offer cast gold bars from 10 g to 12.5 kg (400 oz) and silver bars from 100 g to 30 kg (1000 oz). The typical purity of gold is 999.9%, silver is 999% or 999.9%. Platinum and palladium are produced according to LPPM standards.

Each ingot comes with an individual certificate of authenticity. The stamping can be personalized with logos or in other ways. It is possible to configure the certificate individually under special conditions.

The BullionProtect ® control system, developed jointly with SICPA, a leading Swiss provider of solutions for global currency security, is a technological security feature that allows all participants in the supply chain to verify the authenticity of products made of precious metals.


When buying investment gold, we cooperate with GOLDEN GATE CZ as. Protect your savings by buying physical gold and silver.
Saving through a Commodity Account is an easy and safe path to precious metals for literally everyone. In amounts from one hundred crowns a month, you can save in physical precious metals that you take with you on an ongoing basis, thereby protecting your savings.


To purchase this product, it is necessary to conclude an appropriate investment agreement or a purchase agreement regulating this product. This document and the information provided therein should in no way be considered as an offer to buy or sell the relevant product, nor can it be considered as individual advice provided by an asset manager or an ATAdel Fund s.r.o consultant.



ATAdel Fund s.r.o.



Registration address:

Karlovo náměstí 317/5, Nové Město, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic.

Registration number in the Commercial Register( IČO):   09242741.The company is registered in the register of the Court of the City of Prague, section B, tab 332671.

Phone: +420 733 780 745

The registration number of the decision in the CNB : 2020/133984/CNB dated November 02, 2020.

The decision of the Czech People’s Bank (CNB) on the inclusion of ATAdel Fund s.r.o. in the CNB list and confirmation of the right to carry out asset management activities, in accordance with § 596 of the ZISIF letter and in accordance with § 15 of paragraph 1 of the ZISIF.

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