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Fraudsters continue to exploit the rising popularity of digital assets to lure retail investors into scams, often leading to devastating losses.  “Digital assets” include crypto-currencies, coins, and tokens such as those offered in so called initial coin offerings (ICOs).  Investors may be less skeptical of investment opportunities that involve something new or “cutting-edge,” or may get caught up in the fear of missing out (FOMO).  For example, some investors may have FOMO, given the rise in price of some digital assets in recent years, that they will miss an opportunity to become very wealthy.  If you are considering a digital asset-related investment, take the time to understand how the investment works and to evaluate its risks.  Look for warning signs that it may be a scam.

The SEC brought charges in a $2 billion Bitcoin-related investment scam.  In SEC v. BitConnect, the SEC took enforcement action against the perpetrators of one of the largest Bitcoin-related Ponzi-like schemes.  According to the SEC, the defendants collected approximately 325,000 Bitcoin, worth approximately $2 billion at the time, from retail investors worldwide through a platform that encouraged investors to lend their Bitcoin to BitConnect.  The founder of the platform allegedly lured investors with false promises of profits to be generated by a purported proprietary Bitcoin trading “bot” and secretly paid a network of promoters around the world for their efforts to promote the lending platform through “testimonial”-style YouTube videos and other social media in multiple countries.  The SEC also alleges that investors were rewarded for recruiting new victims through a pyramid scheme-like referral program.  The SEC’s complaint notes that the platform’s website represented: “Investing on BitConnect platform, as you will find, is a safe way to earn a high rate of return on your investment without having to undergo a significant amount of risk.”  The platform allegedly paid investor withdrawals out of incoming investor funds and did not trade investors’ Bitcoin consistent with its representations, leading the platform to collapse and investors to lose massive amounts of money.

When considering an investment opportunity, be cautious if you spot any of these red flags of fraud:

  • “Guaranteed” high investment returns.
  • Unlicensed/unregistered sellers.
  • Skyrocketing account values.
  • Sounds too good to be true.
  • Fake Testimonials.

ATAdel Fund s.r.o.



Registration address: Karlovo náměstí 317/5, Nové Město, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic.
Registration number in the Commercial Register( IČO): 09242741.
The company is registered in the register of the Court of the City of Prague, section B, tab 332671.

Phone: +420 733 780 745

The registration number of the decision in the CNB : 2020/133984/CNB dated November 02, 2020.

The decision of the Czech People’s Bank (CNB) on the inclusion of ATAdel Fund s.r.o. in the CNB list and confirmation of the right to carry out asset management activities, in accordance with § 596 of the ZISIF letter and in accordance with § 15 of paragraph 1 of the ZISIF.

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