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How to invest in gold?

Basic Investment Guide

How to buy gold?

For centuries, experienced investors have realized the importance of gold as part of a well-balanced portfolio. In addition to asset diversification, gold is a world-famous safe haven offering maximum security and protection from times of economic uncertainty. History teaches that this metal is a timeless commodity, it has not only proved that it successfully guarantees the preservation of its value, but also high market prices and record demand have confirmed that it has far surpassed most other forms of investment in terms of profit.

Statistical data for February 2017 “Trends in Gold Demand” from the World Gold Council stated that global investment in gold bars and coins reached its maximum peak in 4 years in 2016. This is also confirmed by the gold rush on the part of some Chinese consumers, who did not stop to break the previous record of demand.

The demand for gold bars and coins has never been as high as in recent years, which underlines their importance, and it is interesting to note that investors prefer their ETFs (exchange-traded funds). With very high demand in different countries around the world and a scenario of political uncertainty, perhaps this is the ideal time to buy physical gold?

How to invest in gold?

The purpose of this short guide is to provide important information to all investors, regardless of whether they are beginners or not. Regardless of the level of knowledge on the subject, it is necessary to have basic information and advice on how to take the first steps in this sector or how to get the maximum profit by choosing the right products for your investment needs, including the reasons for buying gold. We will try to make a comparison between gold and silver, as well as the advantages of owning physical gold instead of electronic or paper gold, and much more.

Why invest in gold?


To understand whether gold is a good investment, it is very important to understand why people buy gold. In times of economic uncertainty and instability, buying gold makes more sense than buying other assets. When confidence in the banking system and the global economy falls to an all-time low, gold bars can become a security and should become an integral part of everyone’s investment portfolio.

At times when the value of money is becoming increasingly unstable, globalization is trying to break down economic boundaries and transactions are carried out not only in their own currency, the only link that is historically recognized regardless of cultural and geographical boundaries: gold.

Where to buy gold?


Getting information is the key. The decision to invest in precious metals should not be taken lightly, it should be the result of a conscious choice after careful research, leaving no room for doubt or uncertainty, just as the choice of an agent should be equally accurate.

The Internet can be flooded with information, and it can be difficult to rely on some news, and not on others. In particular, for online sales, information about the unbiased experience, opinions and recommendations of millions of people around the world, feedback is the main source of opinion about the reliability of the seller.

ATAdel Fund has direct contacts with leading producers and sellers of gold and other precious metals in Switzerland and the USA.

How to invest in gold bars?


Our investment specialists have developed special investment strategies and programs for you, by participating in which you will not only become the owners of investment gold bars, but also be able to receive additional profit from their possession.

In addition, we provide for you the purchase, storage and delivery of physical gold through the best Swiss bank and independent vaults.

Gold or silver?

Although it may seem difficult to decide whether to buy gold or silver, experienced investors prefer to have both.

If, on the one hand, the purchase of investment gold is exempt from VAT and, therefore, the percentage of the possible spread for future profits is clearly lower, on the other hand, silver seems more affordable for everyone for reasons of price and the possibility of greater future speculation.

ATAdel Fund purchases metals of such LBMA brands as Umicore, Heraeus, Pamp and Metalor for our investors, and we can confirm that we have expanded our commercial borders to European and American states with excellent results.

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