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Дата учреждения фонда: 20 октября 2022

Стратегия фонда: токенизация инвестиционных объектов недвижимости и передача права владения NFT-токенами в руки квалифицированных инвесторов.

Управление инвестиционными объектами недвижимости в пользу держателей NFT-токенов недвижимости.

Создание аукциона NFT-токенов недвижимости среди участников NFT Real Estate Fund.

Обеспечение дополнительной доходности фонда за счет возможностей моментального обмена правами владения инвестиционными объектами недвижимости с помощью технологии блокчейна.

Объекты токенизации расположены в Дубай, Барселоне, Мадриде, Париже, Лондоне, Вене.

Кому предназначено предложение.

Предложение предназначено широкому кругу инвесторов, имеющих знания и опыт инвестирования в объекты недвижимости и планирующие долгосрочные вложения, но с возможностью быстрого выхода с помощью продажи NFT.

Why Should You Learn about NFT Real Estate?

Before finding more about NFT real estate, one would obviously wonder about the opportunities associated with the same. Are there any practical examples of representing real estate as NFTs? 

In May 2021, Michael Arrington listed an apartment as an NFT through the real estate platform Propy. Interestingly, Michael had purchased the same property by using Ethereum smart contracts in 2017. Popularly referred to as the first real estate NFT in the world, it sold for more than $93,000. 

In another instance, a real estate development firm, Prometheus, completed the sale of two luxury homes in Portugal through cryptocurrency. In addition, the firm also ensured the availability of ownership through NFTs. 

The practical examples of popular property’s NFT sales show the potential hiding in NFTs for real estate management. Now, anyone would obviously seek insights on the possible reasons driving the use of NFTs for representing real estate on the blockchain. 

Reasons to Use NFTs for Real Estate

With a practical impression of “What is NFT in real estate?” through the practical examples, you have a basic idea of the reasons to use NFTs in real estate. Well, there is no way you can ignore the benefits of credible, transparent, and immutable ownership proof with non-fungible tokens. Let us take the example of conventional real estate for assessment. 

One of the biggest setbacks in real estate investments emerges in the form of property ownership transfers. Presently, you would need humongous volumes of paperwork for purchasing a property. On the other hand, NFT real estate transactions offer better efficiency with improved streamlining. The integration of NFTs in the picture empowers buyers to take control of ownership of real estate within minutes. 

Another important highlight for the use of NFTs in real estate arises from the vulnerability of digital transactions to cyber fraud. On the contrary, a real estate NFT marketplace provides the assurance of improved security and data integrity. The benefits of blockchain and NFT could provide the confidence buyers, and sellers need for transferring their assets. Buyers could also find opportunities for borrowing against their real estate NFT on DeFi or traditional finance solutions on blockchain. As a result, NFTs can also simplify the process of taking out loans on your property.

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